Summer Softball League


Co-Ed & Men’s Leagues

Softball League Organizational Meeting
6:00 pm – February 16, 2016
Greenville Community Center

All players are invited to attend the Organizational Meeting. Important league rules and policies are discussed and voted on.


Sponsor Fee: $400.00 (All Divisions)
Player Fees: $17 Resident / $25 Non-Resident
Priority Deadline: March 11, 2016
Final Deadline: April 1, 2016

* The priority deadline is designated for those teams that played in the 2015 Greenville Recreation Department Summer Softball League. If you register by the priority deadline, you will be guaranteed a team in the league. Any NEW team registrations or registrations received after the priority deadline will be first-come, first-serve.

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Monday Co-Ed Upper Schedule
Tuesday Men’s D League Schedule
Wednesday Co-Ed Lower Schedule
Thursday Men’s Lower Schedule
All players must register prior to play. Players may register online or at the Recreation Office.

  • 2016 Registration Information & Procedure:

    Closeup of register key in a modern keyboardTeam & Player Registration: Managers must submit their Team Registration, Sponsor Fee and a Roster (minimum 9 players required) prior to the deadline. The team registration and sponsor fee may be submitted online or at the Recreation Office. The team roster must be submitted on the Summer Softball League Roster Form to the Recreation Office prior to the deadline. Once the teams have been reviewed and approved by the Softball Advisory Board, individual player registration will open on April 7, 2016. Thereafter, individual players may register online or at the Recreation Office and pay the cooresponding player fee any time prior to play.

    Eligibility Review: Immediately following the deadline, the Softball Advisory Board will review rosters to ensure each team meets the eligibility requirements for that league. The Softball Advisory Board has the authority to dismiss any team not meeting the eligibility requirements. A full refund will be issued for the sponsor fee and any players fees if they are dismissed from the league prior to the start of league play.

    Late Player Registration: Additional players may be added to a roster any time prior to tournament play under the following conditions. 1) The players must meet the eligibility requirements for the league. 2) The player must register at the Greenville Recreation Office or online paying the cooresponding player fee and signing the liability waiver prior to play. 3) Late registered players are eligible to compete immediately following registration however, the player will remain a Probationary Player pending eligibility approval by the Softball Advisory Board. It can take up to 7 days for review by the Advisory Board. The Greenville Recreation Department will notify the player and the team manager if any player fails to meet the eligibility requirements for the league. Refunds will not be issued if a player fails to meet the eligibility requirements after they have played in a game. Players are NOT permitted to add to a roster after league play has concluded, no exceptions.

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  • bat-testerBat Compression Testing & Stamp REQUIRED!

    All bats must be tested (using the Bat Compression Tester) and stamped with the Official 2016 Greenville Recreation Sticker prior to use. Compression testing will be conducted at the date, time and location listed below.

    Bat Testing Schedule
    Date & Time Location
    April 13 – End Of Season
    Recreation Office
    First night of the game play for each division
    30 min. prior to the start of first game to 15 min. after start of last game.
    Alan G. Davis Softball Complex
  • Important 2016 Rule Changes

    Important rule changes were discussed and approved at the 2016 Summer Softball League Organizational Meeting. If you missed the meeting, be sure to read through the 2016 Rule Book for complete details. All rules that have been revised and/or changed are highlighted in the rule book. The most significant changes are specifically related to the following:

    • Inactive Players – teams are not permitted to have inactive players on their roster. Explanation: due to limitations of the new registration software, we do not have the ability to have any unofficial players on a roster; for that reason the period in which a player may be added has been extended thru the end of league play. Players are NOT permitted to add to a roster during tournament play, no exceptions!
    • More Coming Soon

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